Stream of Consciousness

I wish that every interesting person I have ever stumbled across had a blog dedicated to their thoughts and their favourite things. I’m hoping to one day be someone’s source of inspiration.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to put things. I have a difficult time articulately formulating my thoughts, yet I find it satisfying helping others edit written work or better rephrasing certain parts of presentation speeches.

With my own writing, I get caught up in my head; especially when creating content for this blog. I want these posts to be authentic and reflective, but I also want them to have meaning and be useful and actually be considered enjoyable content. Sometimes I feel like my stream of conscious thought lacks depth, or what I have to say doesn’t add to anything. I’m sure it does, that is definitely something I have to work on haha.

Our words outlive us, I just want my true essence to be preserved as organically as possible. I don’t want to only recount things; I want this blog to be a work of art. And to be a poetic representation of me, retold in an effortless but intelligent manner. Obviously.


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