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Hello hello, 

Coming to you live from my couch where I have been parked for most of this rainy afternoon. It’s been dark and cloudy today, thunder-storming on and off––the perfect kind of weather to do a whole lotta nothing in. 

Friday was my last day of my public relations postgrad certificate program. I’m sad that it’s over, but I am so excited to have my time and life back! Any sort of personal project or personal anything, really, that I had been working on before was placed on the back burner until I finished school––and now that I’m done, we are back in action! 

Humber has been the bedrock of my evolution this year, I don’t think I would have achieved all the little milestones in the other areas of my life without having school as a reason to get up and participate everyday. I knew in my heart that going back to school was exactly what I needed to do. From the very first day of the program, my classmates felt oddly familiar and now some of us have grown to really love and care for each other. I’m so grateful for the last eight months and I’m really excited about having new, life-long friends on top of everything else that I feel like I’ve acquired from not only this program but other areas of my life as well. 

I’m still taking everything all in. I don’t think the full impact of actually being finally done has hit me yet. I woke up this morning anxious about what was on my to-do list for today, only to realize that it’s empty! I can finally finish the book I’ve been slowly chipping away at, and go back to the gym, and definitely publish more content––I have so many ideas jotted down, I can’t wait to share! 

Talk soon xox

Class of 2019

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