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Leo season arrived last week and hopefully you are starting to feel a little lighter and a little less waterlogged from being submerged in Cancer season’s emotional depth for the past month or so.

July was a tough time for a lot of people in my life and I found myself in a few situations where I didn’t know how to appropriately react. In those moments, I didn’t know what the right thing to say was, so I ended up not saying or doing anything. Which makes me feel horrible. When I experience instances like that, it makes me question why I’m not better prepared for them––because if I’m being real, those kinds situations become more inevitable as you get older, and it’s good to be prepared. It also brings up for me the question of why I find it so awkward to admit to people how I truly feel about them to their faces (and I’m not even talking romantic relationships). It’s not like I have bad things to say about them, I don’t know why it’s so awkward! But anyways, there are always a lot of occurrences happening in the world, and maybe I’m a little stoic––but I trust the process enough to know that each season is magically dutiful in its own way and does the job it is required to do while being with us for the few short weeks it is. Plus, I’ve come to learn that bad times don’t last, even though it can sometimes feel like they do.

Nevertheless, Leo season has arrived and we are back on the beach, soaking up the sun for the next few weeks! Leo season is one of my favourites because it is the true indicator that summer has arrived. The dog days! Something in the air encourages action, freedom and creativity. It is all things golden, celebratory and uplifting before Virgo season dashes in with routine and regularity in tow, wrapping up summer and swapping it for Autumn.

Leo season in my own life is where I regain my strength and spend some time reflecting on where I’ve been, but also planning for the rest of the year. Simultaneously, it’s also a very social time for me. It’s a good reminder to live in the moment and to go outside and embrace the warm weather while it’s still here.

I like to think of this time of year as the summer sludge. The heat slowing us down to a mere crawling pace, entrapping us in a molasses-like thickness. There isn’t much else you can do during the days but embrace the sweaty parts until the heat dissolves. Refuge comes in the form of cool showers and air conditioning units, but mostly in summer nights––when the heat has lifted for the evening and the people have made their way back out to the streets to continue celebrating being alive.

August will forever remind me of vibrant hues of yellow, orange and pink; cantaloupe coloured toenails polish, trips to the library, fresh fruit, Birkenstocks, being out of the city for the weekend; cottage road trips, cola slushies, simplicity, grilled veggies, early mornings on the dock with fresh coffee, swimming, late nights around a campfire, frozen treats, and blurry nights at the CNE. It’s hello and goodbye all at once. Summer is different, a little bit shorter now that I’m older, so I try and savour it as best and in as many ways as I can (true to my Taurus nature, all of my memories contain food haha!) I didn’t have anything planned for August, but I recently found out (yesterday) that I’ll be starting a new job in September, so I have a whole lot of summer to pack into the next three to four weeks to get my fill.

What does summer/August/Leo season remind you of? I hope however you refer to the season as, is fabulous for you. Xx

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