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If I’m being completely transparent, Humber was my first and only choice of school for my postgrad certificate. All of the programs offered by Humber are great, but the public relations program has an untouchable reputation both locally and internationally for being one of the best in the industry.

For someone like myself who waited a couple of years to go back to school, and during that time ended up getting agency experience––the program’s selling point of being ready on the first day was something that really appealed to me. Another huge selling feature was the Humber grad network, to be a part of that and to be able to connect with anyone within it, has been and will continue to be invaluable for my career and growth.

I did a lot of research before I applied, as well as before my interview to figure out what exactly public relations is. And as much as I researched, I didn’t really get a definitive understanding of what it is and how it differs from marketing, so if you are in that boat––don’t panic! I picked this industry because of the attributes I naturally have and how well they line up with what I read online about successful PR people. It sounds ridiculous retelling that now in hindsight, but it was the only tangible and remotely logical piece of information I could grasp on to that propelled me forward at the time.

I went to the open house and spoke with a few of the professors to get my questions and concerns cleared up. Being able to get everything addressed and answered definitely helped make the decision much clearer. I will say that the professors do warn you, it is a lot of work and you make it harder on yourself if you aren’t fully committed to the program for the entire duration. Eight months can feel like forever.. in good and bad ways.

Humber collage eagle art in Lakeshore Campus foyer


I applied through the Ontario Colleges’ website. There was a fee to apply, I believe it was $80-$90. To be accepted for real, you have to go for an interview and provide a writing sample. It didn’t take long to be accepted. Once I was accepted, I booked an interview slot and was asked to write a letter of intent to be in the program.


The writing sample can vary year to year. The piece is read by someone other than the person who interviews you to avoid any bias. With the writing piece, the reader is looking to make sure you know the basics; like how to string words together to form comprehensible sentences. It isn’t hard. I believe it only has to be one page. I definitely overthought mine and took the full two weeks to write it. Double-check it for grammar and punctuation and then bring a paper copy to your interview.


The interview portion seems to be the most nerve-racking part. The interviews are normally scheduled in blocks, so you’ll be sitting in another classroom with a bunch of other potential classmates waiting for your turn. The interview lasts maybe ten minutes, 15 if you are chatty. They ask you to talk about yourself, why you are interested in public relations (having a loose understanding of why you want to get into it is good enough). Standard getting-to-know-you questions. You don’t have to be dressed to the nines either, a nice shirt and dark jeans do the trick. You have to look presentable.

The last part of the interview is a five-question current affairs quiz. In the program, especially in the first semester, students complete current affairs quizzes almost weekly. Reading the news and staying up to date, especially on Canadian affairs is important and seen as a requirement for the program––and a requirement in life, eventually. When they quiz you during the interview, they’re just making sure you are paying attention to headlines and important details of storylines that are most current at the time.

I really enjoyed my time at Humber. Now that I have completed the program and have a little break before my internship, I’m going to be writing more content on my experience.

I hope this helps make your decision easier. If you ever have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me!

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