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Hi internet friends! It is beautiful out today and I wanted to talk about sunshine, bronzer and being tanned.

My favourite feeling/look/experience is being bronzed. The healthy golden glow of time spent hanging out with the sun. There is nothing like the colour you get in the warm August sunlight. I look forward to this time of year because it’s my official cottage season, and also that time of year when I go from being a regular woman to being a bronzed goddess.

I’ve never really been a big tanner. It’s only more recently that I’ve developed this desire to be sun kissed. I’ve decided to make it a goal of mine going forward, to maintain a year-round tan because having a tan makes you feel so much better about yourself. I know, that seems like whatever, but I live in Canada and we don’t get a very long summer. I don’t like to use tanning beds or any sort of self-tanner. I want my tan to be organic and earned through the hours clocked lounging in the sun on tropical vacations.

Last winter, I was so pale and desperate to have some colour back in my face that I decided to explore bronzing as a more regular thing. Now, hear me out: I always thought that bronzer was unnecessary. People in my life swore by it, but my thinking was that if you matched your foundation and face powder well enough and contoured properly, you really didn’t need bronzer.

Bronzer always felt like trying too hard. My perspective has evolved since then and I can now advocate for the use of bronzer. My go-to bronzer is Chocolate Soleil, but I also purchased my favourite face powder in a darker shade (because I’m obsessed) for a little colour variety. I’ve got my eye on a few others: Marc Jacobs O!Mega Coconut Bronzer, Bare Minerals Endless Summer in ‘Faux Tan’, Milk Matte Bronzer (which is actually a roll-on) and Laura Mercier’s Baked Blush Bronze Compact. My makeup application and techniques have changed as I’ve gotten older and I love the way bronzer applied with a big fluffy brush blurs all the edges and makes me look effortlessly pretty and natural. I’ve lightened up my makeup routine and have only been applying Glossier’s foundation after my moisturizing routine, then locking it in with my powder, then I’ll dust some bronzer on my face, add a pop of colour to my cheeks and a little highlight. SO simple and effective!

You can’t talk about tanning without at least mentioning something about sunscreen, so here goes: I don’t use it, ever. I’ve read a lot about the science online and I’m still convinced it’s a conspiracy. I’ve only ever seen it give people worse sunburns, or made their skin peel really bad after application. I would never in my right mind put a sunscreen on from a drug store either. It’s bratty sounding, but my skin is so important, it has to last my whole life!! I’ve looked into natural sunscreen brands and if I was going to purchase a sunscreen it would be that of the organic and/or mineral variety. Here’s my shortlist: Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte or Clinique’s Broad Spectrum SPF 50 have awesome reviews online, as well as Glossier’s Invisible Shield, Coola’s Sport Face and Sun Bum Premium Sunscreen (rated #13 on Amazon’s best selling facial sunscreen).

Get outside and soak up those rays while summer is still here.

Happy bronzing! XOX

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