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As I write this, I wanted you to know that my second-day hair is happily placed in it’s natural state of bunhood on the top of my head, where it rests comfortably when I am at home, and sometimes in public if I’m really focusing on doing something and need it out of the way or just in a fuck-it kind of mood. Other than that my favourite way to wear my hair is just with the top half pulled back off my face into a bun thing, and leaving the rest out. I think it really frames my face the best. I’ve been recently putting it in a low bun as well, I think that’s a super cute way to wear your hair.

I love when my hair is slightly messy, a little tousled looking. The tousling adds body that it doesn’t normally have. I really like my hair at the length it’s at now. Although when I see photos of how long it was this time last year, part of me sheds a tear. It sits just below my shoulders, the perfect length for work––except when I toss it up and have little rat tail stragglers that fall out. I’m working on growing it back healthier and stronger to at least a length that all my hair will fit in the ponytail.

As I’ve gotten older, my hair has become more of a focus for me. It seems that while I was busy doing whatever it was I was doing, other girls my age were learning the fundamentals of hair care. Like how to use straighteners, curling irons and products, how to style it etc. I missed that bus years ago and it never really came back around, nor did I ever make the effort to chase it down. As a result, I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my hair, I’ve always had a full head of fine hair. I’m very lucky my hair is manageable without any real effort. I didn’t ever feel the need to dye my hair bright colours, adding blonde baby lights and highlights to it last year was the most I’ve ever really done to it.

My mom will trim my hair in the kitchen every five weeks or so to keep it healthy (the scissors). Last year when I was getting it professionally coloured, I found my hair was frizzing up and dry and brittle at the ends. No amount of minutes spent using hair masks or oils or anything helped it look better, so I chopped it to my shoulders in March. I stopped getting my hair done and have been solely focusing on trims.

I’m in the midst of slowly replacing all the products I use in my life. I’m doing a complete overhaul of all things I’ve used for more than a year. Especially with hair products, I want to use more natural brands. I wash my hair every other day, sometimes every second day depending on how my schedule lines up. Sometimes I let my hair go four or fives days without washing to give it a mini break from my products. Right now I’m using AG HAIR Natural Balance Shampoo and their Natural Boost Conditioner. I’ve been using this line for a while, it smell like yellow jelly beans and makes my hair really soft. I have also been using The Ordinary’s Multi-peptide Serum for hair density once my hair is completely dry. You can definitely see the difference from before I used the oil to now. I haven’t used it in a while because I liked the results and got lazy, but I’ll start it again when the weather gets colder. Right now, once my hair is completely dry I’ll rub a small squirt of Moroccan Oil through it. And at night I sleep on this silk pillowcase.

My next hair product purchases are going to be: The Body Shop’s Truly Nourishing Banana Hair Mask, Daily Concept’s Hair Towel Wrap and maybe this cute oversized barrette multipack, or this one, and this one.

Catch ya on the *hair* flip side!

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