Big emotions aren’t an easy landscape to navigate. If you can practice being present enough to understand where you are emotionally, they don’t seem as murky to tread through. Respect yourself enough to allow yourself to feel all of your emotions. Acceptance softens everything. Don’t repress or try and hide them, you will only make yourself feel worse if you bury them. Let them flow when you can and don’t judge yourself.

Never allow your mood to dictate your manners. Big emotions are overpowering. Sometimes it can feel like the entire world has been instantly drained of hope and there’s nothing left to live for. Inhale deeply. Once you’ve caught your breath, get back up on your feet and keep going. Don’t give into those feelings. Remember your strength. Sometimes you can be angry or manic, anxious and/or unable to stop crying, but that is okay. You’re doing great.

Surround yourself with people who are empathetic and understanding, patient and gentle with you. Those who give you love and support in times of vulnerability. Leave anyone who makes you feel burdensome or bad about being who you are. Love yourself enough to set the tone of how you need to be supported. If you aren’t judging yourself, the people around you shouldn’t be either.

Take full responsibility of your emotions; find a channel of expression for them. Talk about them a lot, even if it’s to your own reflection in the mirror. Develop and understanding, maybe in the form of a narrative. Write it out in a journal or online if you have no where else to go. There are hundreds of thousands of people who can relate to you. Track your emotional journey. Figure out your triggers and soothers. Gage them. Display your progress proudly.

Contrary to popular belief, emotions are not linked to weakness. You are strong and resilient and braver than any emotional wave you’re riding. There is nothing cool about the inability to care about the world around us. Wanting to numb your feelings just causes more problems later. Don’t ever feel ashamed about caring too much––express yourself proudly. No way of feeling through your emotions is right or wrong, continue to do what feels best for you. And lastly, remember you got this!!

Sending you lots of love and support Xx

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