September Favourites

September has been a whirlwind of a month as I adjusted back to reality. I started a new job and I’m getting back into the swing of things; of working and commuting, expending energy all day long, and it’s taking my body a while to adjust into things. Although I wanted to go out and socialize, my plans fell through on multiple occasions which left me spending my evenings and weekends relaxing at home. I didn’t do a whole lot with my freedom this month; preferring to stay home and snuggle with my boyfriend when I can.

We had a lot of rain this month and it’s been cooler than the seasonal temperatures normally are. The past week or so has been unseasonably warmer than usual, which makes it hard to get dressed in the morning when you have to consider that your office building is a freezer in the sky. I’m excited about all of the fall shows that are slowly returning to television. I wish I had more exciting or interesting things to share, but alas, I do not. I hope September went swimmingly for you and that October is good to you.

BULLETPROOF COFFEE. Unsalted organic butter, MCT oil and brewed coffee don’t exactly sound like the best pairing, but boy o boy is it good when everything is all blended up. I so look forward to my coffee every morning because of it’s velvety smooth taste. I drink it as a breakfast replacement because of the high fat content. Bulletproof coffee has become a staple in my weight loss journey as it’s helped me drop more weight in the last year by not trying than actually trying did. My go-to coffee k-cups lately have been Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso and Tim Horton’s Dark Roast. I’ll let you do your own googling research if you are skeptical. Some people love it, others hate it. Have you tried drinking a bulletproof before?

LAURA MERCIER CONCEALER. I’m a big Laura Mercier fan. Most of my recent makeup purchases have been from her collections. I bought this concealer because I really needed a little assistance in the dark-under-eye bag department. I think concealer is really important for the overall freshness and look of a person’s face. Definitely the unsung hero of mine. I stopped using concealer about a year ago because I was home all the time and didn’t care enough to need it, but because of work, I just recently started wearing it again and I’m always really taken back by the difference in my own face with and without it applied. I look more awake, more fresh–even my boyfriend noticed a difference and commented.

I really like the formula. It’s thin enough that it blends well under my eye without much force, and it’s creamy enough that you don’t need too much to cover your whole under eye area. I don’t mind the wand, I do prefer ones with a flatter, rounder applicator tip but you do tend to use more product that way, so I actually don’t mind this one at all. I set it by dabbing my beauty blender in the Laura Mercier setting powder, and if I’m feeling extra ambitious I’ll use the her eye brightening setting powder.

LIFE ITSELF. This movie was totally different than I initially thought it was going to be when I watched the trailer. I really love movies where all the story lines intertwine. I also haven’t been able to get the concept of the unreliable narrator out of my head. 10/10 recommended.

AUDIOBOOKS, MICHELLE OBAMA, JIA TOLENTINO. This month Audible had an awesome promotion running, if you signed up for their first month free trial you got two book credits instead of one. So I figured, why not? With my two credits I downloaded Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror. Both of which are fairly new, but highly anticipated reads.

Becoming by Michelle Obama is everything I didn’t know that I needed right now. I love when books are so good they consume all your free time. I love Michelle’s writing style and the way she proudly tells her story. My one qualm is how she does a really good job of describing the parameters around her struggles without actually delving into them fully. She so elegantly brushes over the hard parts, only slightly alluding to what was actually happening. I feel like I know her and the people in her life very intimately, but at the same time, not at all. I learned so much about Barack and now admire both of them immensely. This novel was powerful, surprisingly moving and deeply inspirational.

I started Trick Mirror after reading Into The Gloss’ interview with Jia Tolentino. I realized that this book unexpectedly moved its way up my list, and for no real reason at all. I’ve really only just begun listening to it, so I can’t give a review just yet. I’m already finding her language choices to be a little too wordy and academic for my taste. So far it seems like she uses a lot of secondary sources to articulate her points. I’m going to keep trudging forward with my hope that the Jia hype is real and that this book is as good as some people express it to be.

Regarding the overall experience with audiobooks: I did really enjoy the accessibility of them. I listened to my books while commuting and out shopping by myself. I liked that it didn’t require my full attention but I found that I didn’t always catch everything or get the whole story and had to rewind back at some points. My only complaint would be how time-consuming the audiobooks can seem. Almost twenty hours isn’t a huge undertaking, but I found myself feeling like Becoming wasn’t going to end, and although I really liked the book I was excited to be finished it. I even had it sped up to 1.25x. I don’t have the longest attention span and I found it hard to sit and listen without having something in my hands to keep them busy. I ended up playing 1010 on my phone for most of the time spent listening. I feel like I can get through books faster reading them myself, but if I’m looking to savour the content or really step into the story and hear the author’s voice tell it, I’ll listen to the audiobook version. I don’t think I’m going to renew my subscription after the trial is over as I can get audiobooks on Youtube and other sites for free. I also felt like they impede on my podcast time and there are only so many hours a day to absorb content and doing it all in the same method felt exhausting sometimes.

ON MY TOES THIS MONTH: I changed my toenail colour sometime during the last week of August to a pistachio colour. But last week when I went in, I decided to start my fall coloured nails early this year and went with OPI Skyfall which is kind of an ox blood red. I am loving it! I never do dark colours on my toes so this is exciting stuff.


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