Thanksgiving 2019

Hello internet friends,

Logging on to wish everyone a happy Canadian Thanksgiving! This past weekend we celebrated the holiday up here in Canada; a little premature to when the United States celebrates theirs. Ours doesn’t come with football games or crazy sales on electronics, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth acknowledging! Because of the holiday, we get a three-day weekend, which I know it’s only one day, but it makes such a difference.

This year, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my boyfriend’s family. The initial plan was to head up North with my family for the bulk of the weekend, have the big dinner on the Saturday evening before the Fall Fair started later that night, then Z and I would come back Sunday to spend the day with his family. My family is a small family and we usually combine dinners with a bunch of close family friends to bring the numbers up and make it worth celebrating, so I was really excited to bring my boyfriend to dinner and share with him all our little family traditions. But due to scheduling issues, both of our family’s dinners ended up being on the same day, so I opted to stay back and spend the weekend with my boyfriend and his family rather than with mine, which was a little weird but ended up being a lot of fun!

Z picked me up Friday night and we spent most of the weekend bumming around the house. We watched his nephew for a bit on Saturday afternoon and did a late-night trip to Walmart (my fav) for some chocolate goodies to accompany our movie watching. I spent four days with him which is the longest amount of concentrated time we’ve been together since we started dating and it went SO well. Better than I could have anticipated. I really feel like I bonded with his family in a different and deeper way than I had before. I got to do a little bit with everyone: helping him clean the house, cooking with his dad and setting up and preparing everything for dinner with his mom. I can honestly say that I think this was one of the better Thanksgiving weekends I’ve had in a while, and the cool part about it is that we really didn’t do anything overly special. It was just nice to hang out.

For dinner, his family did a potluck style meal with a handful of non-traditional foods; Portuguese style potatoes, caesar salad, beef tenderloin and among other tasty dishes—pumpkin cheesecake tarts and a British trifle for dessert. Everything was so delicious, I forgot to take photos!

This year I feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude for how my life is progressing and for the people I am lucky enough to be on this journey with. I am thankful today and every day for my readers and supporters. I’m especially thankful for the new additions in my life; the friends I made at school, my boyfriend and his parents, as well as the new opportunities that have presented themselves to me this year. Each day I find more ways to be grateful for how I am slowly learning to navigate this life. And I am overflowing with absolutely no complaints. I believe we could each benefit from more time spent reflecting and expressing gratitude for everything we have. It is far too often we forget how fortunate we are and focus on the negative aspects of situations. Let’s vow to be more mindful of the good going forward because there is so much of it around us.

Sending you virtual hugs with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy!



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