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I wouldn’t say that I’m an overly disciplined or regimented person. I keep resolutions more as mindful guidelines rather than as rules or boxes to check off each day/week/month. I know that when I resolve to do or not do something, it’s ultimately for my greater good. And eventually, I’ll adopt it, but I don’t like the pressure of full commitment right off the bat.

I used to try and be strict about keeping my resolutions, but it was counterproductive because it just ended up making me feel bad about myself when I couldn’t keep up with the ambitious schedules I made for myself. But! I think I’ve finally discovered the happy medium between the two where I can do my own thing and still achieve what I want.

Last year, my biggest resolution was to take everything in stride. I had a lot on my plate at the beginning of the year and the goal was just to survive it all. I have a tendency to be a little bit of a control freak, so I (kinda) learned to chill. But I really liked the way 2019 went because everything ended up working out how it was supposed to. There was always a way to get through the days even if it wasn’t anywhere close to the original plan that I started the day with.

My resolutions this year are mainly centred around taking better care of myself, developing more lifelong skills and being a better human in the world and to people around me. Here’s the shortlist:

+ Continue taking life as it comes in stride and learning how to trust the unfolding process more.
+ Drink more water.
+ Surround myself with more beautiful things. More art. More nature.
+ Have more experiences. Do more things! Go on more weekend
getaways/vacations and date nights out.
+ Cook more often, and try making different cuisines and recipes.
+ Find and embrace other ways to take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
+ Work on being a better friend—be more social and willing to make plans.
+ Continue to nourish my mind with books and podcasts. I’d like to double the number of books I read in 2019.
+ Take better care of the skin on my body. Moisturize more!
+ Continue to create space daily in my life for big things to happen.
+ Get my student debt down to under $10k and keep track of my spending.
+ Work on being more patient with those around me. And bettering my eye contact.
+ Familiarize myself more with my physical body by exploring different practices of yoga.
+ Continue to work towards living a minimal lifestyle. Getting rid of everything that no longer serves me or brings me joy.
+ Write for myself daily.

I’m overwhelmed with good thoughts, hopes and positive energy for 2020! New decades are so exciting, especially in such pivotal times and ages. May 2020 bring peace, healing and kindness to all. May the coming decade bring in deeper friendships, richer relationships, abundance, travel, growth, movement and may it fill us up with purpose and give us the tools to elevate the way we live.

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