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Apparently, I’m a little behind. I finally caught up on all the episodes of my favourite podcast The Cut on Tuesdays, and during the second last episode, they announced it won’t be returning this year. I’m d e v a s t a t e d!

It’s such a good podcast! Podcasts are one of those weird things I have a hard time recommending because each person wants a different thing from what they’re listening to. And what I may find interesting, another person might not. But The Cut is truly one of my favourites, and I haven’t heard anyone say otherwise, or not like it when I’ve sent it to them. Strangely though, considering how well established its backers (The Cut, New York Magazine and Gimlet) are, it doesn’t get a lot of comments or reviews and isn’t all that popular (which explains the cancellation).

The podcast tackled a wide variety of taboo topics, women’s issues, politics and history in engaging and smart ways. The episodes are well researched, entertaining and the content is great journalism. They have this segment called ‘How I get it done’, where the editors ask successful women from a range of industries their little secrets of success. I’ve learned so much from listening. And in addition, I’ve picked up a handful of their book recommendations and loved each and every one.

I’m going to miss Molly and her great laugh. And Stella! They have been such a delight to listen to! And the feedback from other writers and women within that writing/publishing community. I admire the strength and bravery of the women who boldly told their stories for this podcast and I’m grateful to be able to learn from them. I feel like these people are a part of me now like they’ve become old friends. I’m truly upset that it’s finished!

If you’re even more behind than I am, here’s the first episode. It doesn’t have to be listened to in order but I’d suggest starting from the beginning anyways. Listed below are some of my personal favs:

  1. Your Driver is Here
  2. Hottest Weekend of 1919
  3. Make A Wish
  4. How Amy Sherald Gets It Done
  5. Listening to Estrogen

Let me know what you think of these episodes in the comments! Xx

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