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This year was my first Valentine’s Day as a girlfriend and it went almost as well as I had imagined all those years in my singledom.

I wouldn’t say I’m an extravagant person. I don’t really like roses all that much and I don’t wear a lot of jewellery. I’m a hard person to gift for especially from a men’s perspective because I don’t want anything easy nor do I want anything that resembles the default option offered. I’m also not interested in grandiose gestures of love either. What I do want is something well thought-out, something simple and intimate but with a personal flair to it that makes me feel both special and loved. Easy!

We had decided on the dinner reservations together a few weeks back at this cute little Italian restaurant we hadn’t tried yet, so I knew we had plans later that evening. I wasn’t expecting anything, I wasn’t even sure about the flowers because earlier in the week Z had asked what kind of flowers I liked and I told him peonies and when he called a flower shop, the guy on the phone said if he wanted peonies at this time of year he’d better be prepared to take out a second mortgage to get them. Haha, oh well no peonies for me. Plus, I was more excited about the gift I had made him and the surprise I had planned for before dinner; Z isn’t much for the romance and gifts, he’s definitely more physically affectionate with the hugs and kisses, so I thought I’d do it.

Before I continue explaining, I thought I’d show off the gift I made him. I’m not sure when I turned into such a crafty person, but I really do enjoy making gifts with meaning and utility. I found the idea online and thought it was really cute. Z loves chocolate and I thought he’d secretly love how overly romantic it was (he is a Pisces after all..). I didn’t love what I found online enough to replicate anything, but what I did do is merge two different ideas into one. I used the style from those baby monthly update boards people use on Instagram. Here’s the end result:

Okay so, my plan was to show up at his house about an hour before he got home from work, and decorate his bedroom so that it looked like Valentine’s Day had exploded inside. Instead Z showed up at my house at like 8:30am with a stuffed monkey and a hundred dollars in Starbucks giftcards splayed out like a handful of cards, or ‘bouquet style’ as he called it. I was still sleeping when he walked into my bedroom, but the surprise woke me right up!

I thought it was really sweet of him to surprise me like that. We hung out for a few hours, had a coffee and snuggled back in bed before he left to get on with the rest of his day.

Our dinner was delicious!! We had such a great time. The restaurant was the cutest little place. The owner served us, her husband was the chef and she also makes all the desserts they offer. I had the lamb shank and penne and Z had the seafood spaghettini. We started with brushetta which we ate faster than I could get pictures of it. And! My latte even came with a little heart! I should definitely have taken note of the house wine because it was also fantastic.

It was the perfect lowkey evening. I had a really great time and I was s t u f f e d by the time we headed home. We spent the rest of the evening smoking weed, drinking tea and making love until we passed out.

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